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Emotion Management

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Erupting Emotions

In this activity, students will build a volcano and include a tower of bricks ranging in colors to represent different levels of emotional intensity. Label each color with a different emotion and discuss situations that elicit these emotions, as well as strategies for calming strong emotions and handling challenging situations.

Materials Needed:

Building Bricks

Brick Emotions Color Wheel


In this activity, students will create an emotions color wheel using bricks and the worksheet below. Have students identify colored bricks to represent different emotions and add them to their wheel. This can be done individually or as a group. The color wheel can be used as a starting point to talk about different emotions and can also be kept and referred back to over multiple sessions. Have students choose an emotion and build a structure using bricks of the corresponding color to represent situations or events that they associate with each emotion. 

Materials Needed:

Building Bricks

Coloring/Writing Materials

Emotion Color Wheel - Click to Download

Emotion Monster Brick Builds

In this companion activity to The Color Monster by Anna Leans, a great book for exploring different emotions. After reading the story, an engaging and meaningful activity is to have students create Color Monster self-portrait in which they select different colors to represent the different emotions they experience most often. In a small group setting, a fun way to do this is through creating brick monsters in which the different brick colors represent different emotions. For this version, it is helpful to have brick eyes or use googly eyes and tape to the brick monster. For facial expression, you can have students draw a mouth on a sticky note and add it to their creation, or you can let students use a washable marker to draw their mouth onto a brick (marker can be wiped off later).

Materials Needed:

The Color Monster by Anna Llenas

Building Bricks

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