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Growth Mindset

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Pathway to Success

In this activity, students will build a pathway representing various challenges they are facing in life. As you progress down the trail, discuss what challenges are along the way and what strategies can help them overcome or cope with each situation. This example features a treasure chest representing success. You may wish to discuss what students envision success would look like for them with each situation and establish goals to work towards.


Materials Needed:

Building Bricks

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Positive Self-Talk Brick Towers

In this activity, students will build a tower and add examples of positive self-talk statements to help them achieve their goals. Using the worksheet below, write a goal on each of the bricks at the bottom of the page, then write an example of positive self-talk on each brick above that will help you reach your goal. Next, cut out each of the bricks on this page. Start by taping your goal to some bricks to be the bottom of your tower, then each time you add a section, tape on one of your self-talk statements and practice saying it out loud and give an example of when you might need to use it. You may need to combine some bricks together to make a large enough section to tape the statements to. Larger building bricks designed for younger children also work well for this activity.

Materials Needed:

Building Bricks

Scissors and Tape

Positive Self-Talk Brick Towers - Click to Download

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