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Brick-Based Counseling from Youthlight

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Brick-Based Counseling

Brick-Based Counseling is an innovative and dynamic approach to supporting social-emotional learning and development in children in both individual and small group counseling settings. Through hands-on LEGO® activities that incorporate aspects of art and play therapy, children engage in creative expression and explore various social-emotional insights and skills related to:

  • Family Changes (Divorce, Trauma, Grief & Loss, Military Deployment, etc.)

  • Emotion Management

  • Mindfulness

  • Friendship and Collaboration

  • Growth Mindset and Goal Setting

  • Self-Esteem

This book contains detailed lesson plans featuring easy-to-implement brick-based projects, extension activities, and discussion questions for six 30-minute sessions per topic. It also includes digital files describing 3 more-involved, project-based social skills groups: Social Stories & Comic Books, Architectural Structures, & Stop-Motion Animation.

NEW! Brick-Based Counseling 2

This follow-up to the first book features a variety of hands-on LEGO® activities to support skills related to executive functioning and self-regulation that you can implement immediately with a basic set of LEGO® materials. Activities are designed for use in both school or clinical settings and are recommended for grades PK through 8, however you may find the activities to be suitable for older students as well.

This book contains detailed lesson plans featuring easy-to-implement LEGO® projects, extension activities, and discussion questions for 7 different topics with 6 lesson plans each. With 42 unique lesson plans plus extension activities, this resource provides a practical solution for small groups and individual sessions that requires minimal preparation.

Topics Include:

  • Emotional Intensity

  • Self-Talk

  • Self-Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Organization Skills

  • Coping Skills

  • Resiliency

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