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Invasion of the Brick Ants!

In this activity, students will build brick ants and use the accompanying worksheet to identify negative thought patterns. Students can also use the worksheet to write down some "sweet thoughts" (represented by a watermelon) to help replace the negative thinking patterns. To make the ants, use brick eyes or googly eyes can easily be attached with tape. As a bonus, students can build a picnic basket with bricks and cut out their sweet thoughts, and then place them in the picnic basket after reading each positive statement!

Materials Needed:

Building bricks

Brick Ants Worksheet - Click to Download

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The Magic Question (Brick Wands)

Activity 1: The Magic Question (Brick Magic Wand Activity)

In this activity (based on the Miracle Question counseling technique), students will build a magic wand using building bricks. You may wish to share some examples of wands from popular books or movies for inspiration. After building the wands, have a discussion about what changes they would want to make in their lives if their wand could grant them three wishes. Have them write down their thoughts on the worksheet (download below) before sharing as a group.

Materials Needed:


Magic Question Worksheet - Click to Download

Building Bricks to build wands

Brick Animals Self-Portrait

In this activity, students will create an animal that they think has qualities that represent themselves. To do this activity, it is helpful to have building brick eyes, but you can also substitute googly eyes and stick them on at the end with tape. As a bonus, each person can build their animal's habitat and talk about the challenges and benefits of their living environment! Use the accompanying worksheet to help kids write down their ideas!

Materials Needed:

Building Bricks

Googly Eyes

Brick Animal Worksheet - Click to Download

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