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Brick Mapping the Influence

In this activity based on the Narrative technique of mapping the influence of the problem, students or clients will develop a "treasure map" using a combination of structures made from building bricks and drawings to create a visual representation of how a problem has affected their life. On the map, you may also wish to include a spot where buried treasure lies, which represents the rewards that will be experienced once the impact of the problem are reduced. You may also wish to include brick characters or other figures to represent the client, individuals who offer support, or individuals who present challenges in confronting the problem. Have the client discuss how they achieve their personal quest or path they will take to overcome the challenges portrayed on their map and how they will eventually reach the buried treasure. You can also combine this activity with externalizing the problem and personifying it as an animal, monster, dragon, robot, etc. and building it out of bricks.

Materials Needed:

Building Bricks

Brick Map Template - Click to Download

Drawing Materials

Characters or Figures - optional

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